Coding Education in Prisons

After discussing the technological needs for education in prisons, I was thrilled to see an article on coding courses being offered in Washington to inmates (link to full article at the bottom) on

Here is a perfect example of harmony between the employment system and corrections system in the United States. We need more coders and we need less inmates. Therefore, prisons are the perfect places to teach coding as the incarcerated individuals are really excited to learn this new skill and be employable after release.

This is exemplified in a quote by one of the participants in saying, “I’m not usually the type to walk around talking about how much this or that changed my life, like some kind of self help infomercial…but this really did. It changed everything. It allowed me to realize my potential.”

This potential is what we want to see and support! This is why prison education is so important. The potential is there!!

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